Bag-On Valve Products to Fit your Needs

One of the biggest advancements in recent packaging history, American Jetway is one of the first contract packaging firms to provide Bag-on Valve (BOV) technology.

Using BOV, we place your product contents in a composite bag inside the can, pressurizing the space between the bag and can with nitrogen or compressed air.

This barrier packaging separates your product contents from the propellant, protect your product from any contamination with a traditional aerosol propellant or the can itself.

Additional Benefits of BOV include:

  • Meets FDA requirements for purity
  • Flexibility to dispense the product in any form – liquid, gel or cream
  • Ability to continuously spray from any angle, even upside-down
  • Ability to package your product with a standard actuator in steel or aluminum cans
  • Eliminates any chilling effect of traditional aerosol propellants
  • Protection from oxygen, eliminating the need to add preservatives