An Industrial Sealing company wanted to develop and produce a new roof sealing product. They had urgency to reach the market before the competition “owned” it. They also needed to beat the season, and were concerned because internal resources to develop the product were maxxed out. They sought a partner who could deliver a turn-key solution.


American Jetway rallies to help customers develop, test and produce new products with real speed to market.

Our R&D team evaluated competitive products, and developed a best-of-the-best formulation using our customer’s existing coatings. The customer got excited when we described the solution 2 weeks later, and asked us to beginning Stability Testing.

With minor modifications to enhance extreme temperature stability, the customer got really excited when we informed them we could also produce it in retail volumes needed using our line designated for high-viscosity fluids. Like grease  …  and roof sealer!


The customer introduced the new product at retail 2 months after our initial meeting, 4 months faster than the estimated 6 month target. That meant an extra $3M sales for the customer, hitting the season and fending off other primary competitors.

American Jetway is your go-to partner for New Product Development and Speed to Market.