Three American Jetway Locations to Serve

We continue to expand our manufacturing capabilities amongst our three buildings. We have 4 fully automated aerosol lines, 1 Bag on Valve (BOV) line, 1 Piston Can (barrier package) line and one liquid filling line.

We have a fully-staffed research and development laboratory to monitor our very high quality standards and ever, expanding product offering.

ALL 3 American Jetway Locations are
Capable of Running Flammable Products

Corporate Location

34136 Myrtle St, Wayne, MI 48184


  • Houses (3) aerosol lines
  • Formulating R & D
  • Mixing and Chemical Storage
  • 33,000 square feet on 7 acres

Manufacturing & Warehouse

3737 Venoy Road, Wayne, MI 48184


  • Houses our main warehousing facility for dry goods (boxes, valves, cans, bottles and overcaps)
  • Has high speed, fully automatic aerosol line
  • Location of a future, additional mixing facility
  • 108,000 square feet on 17 acres of property

Howe Road – Manufacturing

3850 Howe Rd Wayne, MI 48184


  • Houses (1) liquid/bulk filling line and (2) barrier package lines (Bag on Valve line) and (Piston Can line)
  • Specialty packaging (kits)
  • Stores bulk chemicals and future laboratory (R&D)
  • 35,000 square feet