Regulatory Case Study

SCENARIO: Customer has an idea for a product but needs help formulating the product and more importantly needs help in getting the product to market in a speedy fashion. Who and where do they turn to for help to figure:

  • How to formulate a product that will meet their markets expectations?
  • How to formulate a product that will meet the VOC requirements but is still effective?
  • How to package the product so that it meets their budget?
  • Is this what they want?


  • With the various options of choosing a packager how do I know this will be the best fit?
  • I would like to have a say in the formulation although I’m not a chemist but I know how I would like my product to perform.
  • Time is not on my side. I need to get this product to market as soon as possible and I can’t afford to wait for a lab sample then take a couple of weeks to test it only to find that the formula may need to be tweaked, which may take another couple of weeks.

SOLUTION:  American Jetway.


  • We have a very comfortable workplace environment with seasoned professional sales and lab staff. Family style operation that thrives on keeping the customer’s best interest at hand.
  • Ability to work hand in hand in our laboratory with our R&D and lab staff to develop and formulate the product until you are satisfied.
  • Heavily resourced in the packaging industry to accommodate any packaging requirements that are needed.


We are able to reduce the product to market time considerably. By bringing in the customer for one day we completed a task that could easily endure 6-8 weeks is now ready to go to production in one day.


  1. Get to know the customer on a personal level
  2. Understand what customer is trying to accomplish
  3. Work in the lab formulating the product
  4. Have a viable product by the end of the day

Objective #1

Make the customer feel comfortable during their visit. Have a sit down prepared lunch and during this time and introduce them to some key personnel and help them to understand that we have their best interest in mind. After all when they succeed in the market place we succeed as their packager.

Objective #2

You should have some idea what the customer wants to accomplish during the telephone calls leading up to their visit by invariably more information generally will come to the surface in a face to face meeting. It’s during this time that the personal guards come down with all parties and more information is readily passed on. Information, such as, packaging concepts and volumes are exchanged and we can demonstrate the multitude of packaging concepts that we can offer. This too starts the trust between customer and supplier.

Objective #3

Work with the lab personnel to formulate the product. We have found that spending fa few hours in the lab formulating the product and performing spray test on different substrates can easily speed the product to market process by 6-8 weeks. Will the customer and lab personnel together in person, working on the formulation, any unsolved questions or concerns are answered immediately. Therefore, allowing the finalization of the formulation to happen at a much faster pace.

Objective #4

Since the formulation is finalized we now have a viable product to move forward with and can have pricing to the customer based on formula, packaging and quality.